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Money XLive has just released MXL Multimedia.  Educators, financial institutions, nonprofits and concerned citizens are bringing this financial literacy program to their community.

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Money XLive is the primer financial literacy program in the country that has support from over forty top celebrities and sport stars, plus the hottest entertainers today.
It’s no secret; we all need to know how to handle our money.  It impacts us every single day of our life – from our clothes, to who we are able to help out, to the fun activities we are able to experience.  In today’s age if you don’t know about money or you’ll miss out on a lot of the things you want to do and you may be stuck working for a boss you don’t like.
Fortunately, MXL will give you the ‘real world’ money tips you need to know to live the lifestyle you want while you’re young enough to fully enjoy life.  Why not pick up the money skills you need while seeing your favorite celebrities and entertainers?  MXL will kick off your financial education plus give you a free 16 week course to get your money right.  It does take some effort, but the basics of money is a lot easier that most classes in high school.
The good news is that when you start young you have a huge advantage.  So do yourself a favor and learn about money - now.   Be the First to Know! Complete the information below and keep up to date with the MXLtour schedule

Be the First to Know! Complete the information below and keep up to date with the MXL tour schedule.

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More about Money XLive

Money XLive is a concert style financial literacy program that brings together celebrities, sport stars and entertainers to share their personal financial lessons they picked up.  The MXL event resembles an MTV award show and is fully choreographed to make picking up money skills fun while being aligned with national financial education standards.  
Unfortunately, for most high school and college students today, they won’t receive any financial literacy programs in school or at home.  This often leads to a lifetime of debt, the inability to afford fun life experience and causes people to live in a financial struggle. The Money XLive financial literacy event was created to give today’s young adults the money skills they need to live a full and rewarding life.  Plus it’s an experience they will talk about for years to come.
The first Money XLive financial literacy workshop took place in Southern California and over 1,100 attendees were excited to see Wilmer Valderrama, Jessie Billauer, Cris Judd, Brian Sumner, Christian Hosoi and John Salley appear live.  Participants also saw exclusive video appearances by Chuck Liddell, Matt Leinart, Greg Lutzka, Steve Astephen, Roy Powers, Kenny Bartram, Brian Deegan, Rick Johnson and Sunny Garcia.  Also appearing at this financial education event were entertainment acts by Trey Smoov and Kelley James, the dance crew Kaba Modern, DJ Mark Moreno and the announcer for the Anaheim Ducks –Devin Christopher. 
The next MXL financial literacy program took place in Seattle, Washington.  Over 1,200 excited high school students were able to hear Roy Lewis (Super Bowl champion), Malcolm McCassy (MTV Made star), Randy Wayne (TV and Movie Star of To Save a Life), Joe Gingerella (top one hundred most influential people in the music industry) talk about money and business. Plus they were entertained by three live bands while hundreds of students stayed after the show to take pictures on the red carpet.
The next MXL financial literacy program took place in Grand Junction, Colorado.  This financial education event kicked off Money Smart month and the MXL team partnered with Mesa Country and the City of Grand Junction to inspire attendees to pick up practical money management habits.  Superbowl Champion Seth Joyner, Olympic bronze medalist JJ Thomas, snowboard star Josh Sherman, movie star Wilmer Valderrama and more were sharing their message of financial literacy with excited attendees.
From these live financial literacy programs and through the MXL multimedia learning centers, Money XLive has been recognized as the leading financial literacy event for today’s youth.  Tickets to the MXL financial education event have been donated to over forty nonprofit organizations that empower today’s youth.  Past partners have included Junior Achievement, STANDUP for KIDS, the World Trust Foundation, Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council, Brockman Institute, AIGA Foundation and the Matt Leinart Foundation to name a few.   
Money XLive has also received sponsorships from over thirty organizations including US Bank, Wells Fargo, State Farm and a host of other esteemed supporters.  The idea of a concert to promote economic excellence seemed of merit and attracted the attention of the sponsors.  Plus partnered with leading scholarship organizations including the Simon Scholars and the Discus Awards Dedicated to increasing youth financial literacy through high-profile financial education programs, Money XLives' unified vision transcends conventional business acumen and knows no boundaries when it comes to ensuring high school and college-age youth find their place on the world’s stage.
“Since financial education in high school is not taught, it is great to have an event like Money XLive come to our community,” stated an adult attended.  This financial education program is designed to combat financial illiteracy by teaching high school and college-age youth the value of money through practical skill sets, fueling their dedication to community service, and inspiring continuous fiscal responsibility through clear, quantifiable goals. 
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